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Conveniently located in Mt. Pleasant, we have all your event rental needs covered including tents, tables, linens, chairs and catering items.


Hughes provides quality equipment rental for many name brands including Stihl, Bad Boy, Bobcat, Paslode, and Senco. Hughes is also an authorized Stihl repair location.

The Hughes Family of Businesses has been proudly serving the Charleston community for three generations; beginning with Hughes Lumber and True Value Store located in Downtown Charleston. Hughes Rental was created in 1983 to serve the community’s rental needs, beginning with the 82 Mary Street, Downtown Charleston store and expanding into the 1345 Bowman Road, Mt. Pleasant store.


In 1888 Thomas Hughes purchased the assets of Elmore Martin’s Brick Yard, located at 82 Mary St and commenced business as the Hughes Company, selling lumber and building supplies. Around 1904, H.C. Burn began work at Hughes Company and in 1910 Mr. Hughes sold the company to H.C. and Ernest P. Burn. In 1947 H.C. Burn became ill and his son; H. Cameron Burn Jr. stepped up to lead Hughes through the turbulent post war period. 1957 marked the expansion of the building and Supply Company, incorporating Hughes Lumber and Building Supply Company. In 1971 Hughes joined the American Hardware cooperative and subsequently became the leading ServiStar outlet in Charleston.

By 1983 sons John and Edward Burn joined the family business operating Hughes Lumber, becoming the 3rd generation of Burn family to proudly serve the Charleston community at Hughes. 1983 also marked the year Hughes Equipment Rental was created. In 1997 John Burn opened Hughes Party Rental in the new Mt. Pleasant location.

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